Kozhikode Beach – The most Vibrant beach in kerala


(Photo Story)

Mohammed Junaid

Kozhikode will always have a special place in the history of Kerala as it is here that Vasco-da-Gama first landed and the legendary Spice Route came into existence.

This region still has a historic charm to it. Kozhikode Beach is the personification of the numerous characteristics that make Kozhikode so unique.

People flock in large numbers to view the sunset from the beach. One gets a fresh supply of seafood in the shacks that surround the place.The beach is also famous for a range of scrumptious seafood delicacies.

The Kozhikode beach is surrounded by a plethora of accommodation options, restaurants, shacks and spas for the relaxation and entertainment of the travellers. The most famous delicacy here is the Kallumekaya (mussels).

I always like to walk through his beach by holding my camera, as you can see each corner is a photo frame. I have chosen sunday to go through since you can see all kinds of people around you.

I have reached the beach around 4pm and after having few street foods started to walk from south beach to the harbour located at the north part. through my walk i have captured images of street food vendors, few playing at the beach enjoying their holiday, few sitting on the beach having peanut and thinking their future, couples enjoying their time by taking selfies, street singers singing the best songs for the visitors etc.

Few kids playing football in many corners of the bach wearing Messi, Beckam T-shirts and i have asked them to pose or a photos and they had agreed without any hesitation; it was my moment to remember on that day.

Once you move to the harbour area it is a vibrant place where fishermens having a chat and enjoying the crowd.

I have not tried to capture the beauty of the sea but rather my humble attempt to catch lives around Kozhikode beach.

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