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Kanhilassery Vinod Marar

Percussionist, Chenda Artist

A famous percussionist from Kozhikode, Kanhilassery Vinod Marar is a skilled chenda artist. He acquired his first lessons from his maternal uncle Sri.Unnikrishna Marar and pursued the higher lessons in chenda from Sri. Kadameri Kunjiraman Marar, Thrikkutti Sivasankara Marar ( also his brother in law) and Sri. Sadanam Vasudevan. At his time it was the ‘gurukula’ sysem persisted, that helped him to mould and develop his expertise.

With an experience of over 3 decades, Vinod Marar started learning chenda at the age of seven. His major performances were from the famous Pisharikavu temple, Guruvayur, Thirumanthankunnu and Puthur temple at Palakkad. He finds extreme delight in playing chenda for festivals and rituals. Though he performs in famous temples around Kerala and outside Kerala, he gives importance to performances he makes in temples in his hometown like Kanhilassery and Poilkavu. Being a supportive and influential mentor to his students, he gave valuable support and guidance to perform independently. His 20 years of teaching experience gifted him with a good number of skilled students including his son. Vinod Marar was honoured by Samskarika Sangadana of Chemancheri and Nadaraja vigraham Kizhariyur by organizing a reception.

He has also published a book compiling some of his poetry collection. He is married to Mrs. Ajitha, a home maker and has two sons.



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Reach out at:

Kuniyil Marath
Thuvakode (p o)

Phone: 9447636924

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