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Radhika Renjith

Art and craft expert, teacher


Mrs. Radhika Renjith, presently a resident of Karaparamba, Kozhikode  is an art expert and mentor who seeks to augment her knowledge of art to all those who have passion for painting and art work. Her 15 years of experience in teaching different arts and craft work for all age groups inspired and motivated her to encourage and promote positive learning techniques. She is a degree holder from the University of Calicut and has successfully completed oil painting certified course from Colash Technical Institute, Attingal. She successfully completed 5 years training in mural painting. Mrs. Radhika formerly worked for Govt. Fisheries Calicut. She has also worked for Lalithakala Academy Trivandrum, Nirmithi Kendra Calicut, and also NIT Calicut. From 2011 to present she serves as a contract based art teacher with the Univeristy of Calicut. Mural painting, Oil painting, Jewellery making, Fabric painting and other various types of painting are her area of expertise. She has been a part of judging panel for Youth Festival programmes in various colleges. Mrs. Radhika is conducting various camps on paintings and craft work in different colleges, schools, residents association programs and various art institutions all over kerala. She is married to Mr. Renjith A V, a medical laboritarian and her daughter Geetanjali is a dentist by profession.

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Reach out at :

2/430A, Alayil House
P.M Kutty Road, Karaparamba (P.O)
Kozhikode, Kerala, India-673010

Email id:

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